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Welcome to BIDQWIK . com
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Excel based custom spreadsheet packages available to bid and track many business processes, labor and products.

Knoxville, Tennessee location

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Knoxville, Tennessee USA

Saving time & money by automating the cabling process


These spreadsheets started as:

cabling layout programs

but were upgraded to

be utilized in many

industries and projects...

Make available to business owners, contractors, schools and end-users robust practical software packages that are inexpensive ($50 - $100) and can pay for themselves in one (1) to two (2) projects.

WHO: is a one-man company that markets five (5) spreadsheet software products. The programs are Microsoft© hosted Excel based and require the user to own Excel, but do not require the user to be a spreadsheet expert or user. All inputs are easy part description, dollar, quantity or percent fill-ins.

WHERE:, developed from, was started in San Diego, California and now resides in Knoxville, Tennessee. Sales of the products are worldwide.

Initially, in 1994, I designed proprietary Horizontal Communications Cabling bidding software to run a small cabling company (~50 technicians) followed by the start of the Cable Bidding /Tracking software suite in 1996. The products became in February 2003 when the communications software packages were expanded to handle many different types of business functions (cabling, flowers, painting, actor/production companies, Handi-man and many more). In February 2010, I decided to add a site name that fit the quick bidding capabilities of the software by opening BIDQWIK . COM.
Either way, BIDQWIK . com (bidding quickly) and Profitdeveloper . com (bidding for profit), are the same product.

There are five (5) software packages utilizing Microsoft Excel"

BidPro -The BidPro contractor bidding & financial package is a Microsoft® hosted Excel spreadsheet that will assist owners, estimators and project managers in competitively bidding simple through complex projects where labor and material costs are known and gross profit margins are calculated or directed.(labor/material/subcontractors/cost/sell/profit/GPM/ROI) File size 828 Kbyte

TrakPro -The TrakPro project tracking and financial performance package is a Microsoft® Excel hosted spreadsheet that will assist owners, estimators and financial managers in tracking bid project costs of simple through complex projects where labor, material and other costs are known. TrakPro will assist you in making informed resource decisions as well as manage profit and profit margin objectives through estimate-to-complete and final costs.
(track contract to actual costs/profit/GPM/and what-ifs) File size 1.3 Mbyte

- The ConduitPro package is a Microsoft® hosted Excel spreadsheet that will assist anyone interested in determining conduit fill capacity, bend radius and maximum pull tensions for communications cabling (BICSI standards). In addition, fill calculations are also provided for troughs, multiple fill-boxes and circular openings.
(BICSI/EIA conduit sizing for cabling and trough cable fill) File size 472 Kbyte

- The CablePro is a Microsoft® hosted Excel spreadsheet that will assist anyone interested in pricing horizontal communications cabling (voice, data and fiber). The software lists installation parameters that will enable any company, finance manager or consultant to evaluate contractor bids or decide budget parameters for capital appropriation requests.
(horizontal communications cabling bid/costs/sell/profit/GPM/ROI) File size 1.1 Mbyte

LaborPro - The LaborPro is a Microsoft® hosted Excel spreadsheet that will assist anyone interested in tracking worker attendance and labor hours worked during your calendar year. Future year tracking is possible through a few user changes to this program. The spreadsheet allows up to 50 workers to be tracked by user input items (like hours worked) per week and has user input absence charts.
(track planned-vs-actual hours and attendance for up to 50 technicians) File size 2.3 Mbyte

Many programs I found required sophisticated servers, proprietary code, SME (subject matter expert) support that didn't exactly give me what was needed and they were always very $$ costly. These designed packages were utilized to successfully run a small cabling company in Southern California, were I, as general manager, consistently managed to meet our corporate profit margins by accurately bidding, not guessing or blanket dollars projections for just-in-case situations.

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